Time Education Center
660 W Duarte Rd., 2F
Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: (626)254-1866



Spencer, AP instructor

We welcome students from any academic background and are willing to provide guidance in all subjects at all levels. 

We believe that education is built upon a solid relationship of responsibilities between the teacher and the student.  The teacher must have intimate knowledge of the subject and be well prepared for his lecture.  The student must have an open-minded attitude and an active desire to learn, for you are the most important aspect of your education.

We at TEC believe deeply in the education of our students.  We not only emphasize the knowledge required for each subject but also the thought process to acquire the knowledge which can be applied to any subject long after you leave the confines of our academy.  With this in mind, please feel free to ask any question, big or small, about any topic that is related to your work.  There is no such thing as a stupid question as long as you truly don’t understand concepts behind the question.

Mark, English Instructor

Georgetown University (Bachelor),UCLA Ph.D. in English.
Well-known Private High School Chairman of Department of English.
AP English, SAT Reading, Writing Teacher for 20 years.

Erin, English Instructor

Anthony, English Instructor

Yale University (Bachelor), USC Ph.D. in Linguistics.
20+ Years Teaching Experiences on SAT Reading, Writing, GRE Test.